Hello world!

My name is Jerry (Gerardo) Camarillo.  I am the photographer and owner of FotoAztec Studio.  I hope to bring my perspective in the way I view my surroundings.  I am a designer by trade and practiced design for over 13 years.  I took to photography when I was around 10 or 11 years of age.  I “borrowed” my dad’s 35mm and took it with me on vacation to mexico where I really practiced architectural and landscape photography, before I even knew that there were such titles for what I was doing.  I have been blessed to learn from some very distinguished photographers.  I am extra blessed to be a part of an art that is constantly evolving and changing.  I hope you enjoy my postings, and hope to contribute in something worth your while.  I also hope to be consistent in doing so now and in the future.  Please visit both of my sites:  www.fotoaztecstudio.com  and www.fotoaztec.com which is my travel sight.  The studio sight is my working sight and have just been working on it for the past 3 years.  I always look to grow, and evolve.  I am open for any sort of techniques, or helpful information that may take me to that next level.  I am here to share from my mistakes and successes as well.  We all should learn from one another and have in mind that the smartest person in the world is one who realizes they do not know everything.

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