Famous portrait photographers

I always apply what I learned from Peter Hurley. He is the authority in the head shot world of photography. He makes you so aware of all the things that we have been taught in the past that are so wrong and off as a head shot. Peter Hurley has fused the high end portrait and typical head shot together and put it on its side (literally) by shooting horizontal. We shoot horizontally. Our TV’s are horizontal. Movie screens are horizontal. The eye views the horizon lines naturally. So why not shoot horizontal ? This is just one small aspect to what I bring to the table as a celebrity head shot photographer. Famous portrait photographers are keenly aware of what is hip and the latest in photography styles. This is just one small aspect to what I have been taught. I hope to touch upon all of what I have been mentored into shooting and offering the very best and latest in head shot photography style. I like clean lines, minimalistic design. Zero clutter in the background which focuses only on the subject. These three are completely different looks, but yet the constant is clean, minimalistic, high end, and focused on the subject. This is what everyone should expect from all famous portrait photographers.

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