High school senior portrait / picture photography in los angeles

There has been a long lasting movement and well, tradition in the high school senior portrait slash picture business in the east coast. High school is being documented as a senior like a right of passage and it seems it’s been going on for a very long time. Little by little I see that some west coasters are catching wind of this tradition. I find myself in a very special place as a photographer who enjoys shooting head shots here in los angeles. I also am in a special area of los angeles particularly in the city of pasadena, home of the Rose parade, doo-dah, Rose bowl and many good high schools both public and private. I have a kindergartner at the time and undoubtedly will go to high school here in pasadena

I will be describing and following up on my quest to bring high school senior photography here in my beautiful city of pasadena and los angeles. I will display some of my sessions and how these high school seniors look for “model” styled photo shoots. Usually accompanied by someone usually their mom who unknowingly becomes my assistant for the day if we are doing location shoots. This makes it fun for all of us and educational at the same time because the mom plays a very important part in the session and holds either a reflector or a soft box which contains an off camera flash. this brings drama or softness which ever look I am going for at the time or even the style of the person. Style is one of the most if not the most important aspects of shooting a high school senior. Style is coupled with good taste as well in my book. You have to remember that high school seniors aren’t legal adults yet. Most aren’t 18 just yet. So shooting age appropriately with class and style is very important to me and the parents. Yes, I give them a bit of an edgy look with the lighting alone. The lighting is enough to change the style and mood of the image. With a little bit of “model” style posing and BAM, you’ve got yourself a very hip and “cool” portrait / picture that all can be proud of to hang on their walls and even grandma’s house. Here you can look at some of the images shot by me at FotoAztec Studio:

So, I will try to explain and cover each session and show you what the mom and high school senior wanted and why we chose the location, clothing, settings, makeup, etc. etc. It’s a bunch of fun for all of us involved that day. It truly is an experience that everyone just has fun being a part of. I love doing what I do for a living. I’m very fortunate and I thank my lucky stars I was given a nice little talent with a complex tool to create memories that will last a life time. Truly a special place that I have in peoples lives. I am allowed to put my mark in a very special time in a young adults life. High school. Ya gotta love it, cause I was a high school senior in my past history. So glad I had a spectacular senior year.

High school senior portrait in pasadena, ca. Los angeles

High school senior portrait in pasadena, ca. Los angeles

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