Professional Photographer in Los Angeles

It seems that the world of photography is overcrowded, namely in Los angeles. Everywhere you turn someone has a dslr (digital single lens reflex) around their neck or dangling from their arm. It’s great the art form and awareness has grown. Even amongst the advent of the high rez camera phone. People actually care about the quality of their images they capture. the camera in your pocket is pretty darn amazing. They can come equipped with all sorts of apps to enhance your photograph on the spot.
Were the dslr comes in you have to take your time to compose the shot, focus and click. You check the screen in the back (modern day polaroid) and there you judge if its a keeper or a deleter.

It’s part of the image creation process nowadays. Kids, moms, dads and grandmas are photographers. Is the profession dead ? Will it be under appreciated in a few years and go away softly like an underexposed negative ? Or will it thrive and continue to be one of the most accessible art forms anyone can do ? Or can anyone just do what the pros do ?

That can be debatable because some are born with the “eye” to photograph and no amount of high end technology can create it without the artist “seeing” it first and pointing the camera, composing, focusing,adjusting manually to his or her liking and “click” a moment in time never to be relived. Its a poetic process. I personally look into the eye piece of the camera, slow my breathing, make sure the framing is correct, all of my manual settings are to my preferences and liking for the specific shot. I focus and take one last second and press the magic button that stops time.
It truly is a connection of time and creation. Its hard to explain but to photograph in Los Angeles is everywhere and I hope everyone I see with a camera in Los Angeles is enjoying their own personal photography as much as this photographer.
Photography is a beautiful art form that you create in private and in public. Not many art forms can be packaged into a small little box that you carry around with you. You never see painters walking around with easels around their necks do you ? Photography in Los Angeles is abundant and no one will ever photograph the same thing twice or the same way.
It’s a beautiful thing. I share with you a very simple snap shot of a Los angeles iconic tower. Imagine how many thousands of photographs have been taken here ? But none like this one.
The time of day, angle, height, type of camera, settings, exact spot etc. etc.
Keep it up Los angeles photographers. Keep it up.

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